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Booking Process

To book today, just send us your details including dates, party size and requirements to reservtions@samsaratci.com. We will be delighted to exchange detail, a standard contract and get your vacation booked. 

We ask for a 50% non refundable deposit on booking and 50% final payment, 60 days before you arrive.

We have a full pre-arrival concierge service so you can arrive to a fully stocked villa with your favourite wines, beers or cocktails waiting for you at the bar and your Spa treatments, wellness activities or water fun scheduled. We offer a number of personal service and beach packages to create your perfect vacation.

Team Samsara greet you on arrival with Caribbean hospitality. The welcome package includes an afternoon (4pm – 5pm) Oceanside cocktail hour.

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Estate Rule


Guest shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state and federal laws regarding the Property, including the use, possession, production or sale of illegal drugs. Guest further agrees to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the regulatory parties for the Estate, including rules with respect to no smoking, noise, odours, disposal of refuse, pets, parking and use of common areas.


The maximum occupancy (adults and children (children being defined as under 16 years of age)) of the property is outlined in the Guest Booking Agreement. For Samsara Villa occupancy is 10 adults and 12 children and for Samsara Estate is 12 adults and 12 children. Xanadu is 2 adults. If the Property is occupied by more than maximum occupancy, Samsara shall have the option to declare Guest to be in breach of this Agreement and Samsara shall be entitled to require all persons occupying the Property to immediately leave the Property or be removed from Property and shall automatically forfeit the right to the return of any unused Rental Fees and/or shall be subject to a charge of $2,000 to the Guest’s credit card.  If Guest will have any visitors not on the Booking Agreement, Property requires 24 hours’ notice, and there will be applicable charges of $500/person/night, or $125/person for day visitor leaving at 6pm.


Guests enjoy furniture and fittings made from some of the finest natural materials available on the island and neighbouring countries. Damage over and above normal wear and tear is not included with particular note to soft furnishings and the natural wood finishes. Loss of Property from the Villa will also be charged with particular note to remote controls, electronic devices including electronic key fobs, island mobile phone devices, game consoles and controls and games and DVD’s provided for guest enjoyment. Any discrepancies in contents versus Samsara Villa inventory should be highlighted as soon after orientation as reasonably possible. Damage and losses will be charged on a replacement cost basis. Such additional costs to your credit card with documentation of such charges sent to you by email.


The Owner undertakes to repair or replace any faulty equipment with all due diligence. However no claims will be entertained in respect of equipment which remains faulty for reasons beyond the Owner’s control. As far as possible, any faulty equipment or Property impairments will be highlighted during orientation period on Client arrival.


Clients acknowledge that although every effort is made to maintain the premises in good order, wear and tear on a rental Property is unavoidable.   Please notify the house staff as soon as possible if a problem exists. Every effort will be made in order to rectify any problem in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that Providenciales, like many small islands, is without ready access to many goods and services that are readily available in the United States, Canada or Europe. Please be advised that neither the Owner, nor its representative, can be held responsible for problems arising from outside contracted service providers such as, for example, utility companies and public service providers including garbage pick-up.   Every effort will be made though, by the Owner and its representatives to deal with these outside service providers to solve any problem that might arise in a timely fashion, however, no rebate nor refunds will be given back for lack of service that are beyond the Owner’s control.


International Drive is an exclusive area and we cooperate with neighbours to ensure all properties enjoy the tranquility and serenity of this part of the Caribbean. In the interests of others, Clients should ensure that there is no unreasonable amount of noise particularly after dark.

Requirement is entertainment, such as live music, karaoke, fire work display or other publicly noticeable event for a neighbouring property, is to be finalised by 10pm.


The Owner, its staff and agents accept no responsibility or liability for any accident, injury, loss or damage whatsoever to Clients, their guests and their belongings during the Clients’ stay at the Property, all of which are hereby expressly disclaimed by the Owner, its staff and agents. Specific risk included but not limited to any which may arise from the use of the Property or service by the staff, in particular but not limited to use of any swimming pool, other water based facilities including but not limited to Jacuzzi, external and internal walk ways, open cliffs and pavilions on the Property, slipping or falling, and loss of or damage to personal belongings however caused.  Anyone using such facilities does so at his or her own risk and recognises. Specifically there is no diving allowed in any of the water facilities. Clients are moreover specifically advised not to allow children to swim or play in the swimming pool, jacuzzi or the ocean without responsible adult supervision. Clients agree to inform their guests of this clause and to bring to their attention to any warning notices in the Property.  The Property has a number of open walk ways along the beachfront, picturesque pavilions and beach decks which can be slippery when wet or difficult to navigate in the dark. Therefore, adult supervision of minors is a requirement and all users should take care at all times. Use of the walkways or beach after dark is strongly advised against. In no event shall the Owner, its staff or agents be liable to the Clients for an amount greater than 10% of the Rental Fee. The Clients shall, jointly and severally, indemnify the Owner, its staff and agents, against any liability or cost (including reasonable attorney’s fees) for injury to third parties caused by the Clients during their stay at the Property. The Clients shall not invite persons not specifically named as Clients in the Rental Agreement into the Property without previous agreement by the Owner. It is the responsibility of the Clients to ensure any agreed temporary guests are aware of the Rental Agreement terms and are specifically notified about the Responsibility a guest becomes party to



Whilst the crime levels in the Turks and Caicos Islands are low, Clients should take precautions to guard against petty theft.  Accordingly, Clients must lock the doors and windows when away from the Villa including when at the properties beach and at night. Valuables should be placed in the safes provided in each room. Clients should also turn on the perimeter alarm at night and on leaving the Property.